Case: USA vs. AT&T

How it all began …

In 1980, parties involved in the trial of the United States of America vs. AT&T, known as the divestiture trial, wanted to utilize the latest in computerized transcription technology and they hired Al Betz & Associates, Inc. to handle the job.  This case provided an amazing opportunity to our company – applying our court reporting expertise in the case that sparked the telecommunications revolution.  The government claimed that AT&T was operating as a monopoly and should be broken apart.  Two years and 25,000 transcript pages later, the judge agreed with the government and AT&T was divided into seven separate companies.


What does this story mean to you and your firm?

The telecommunications revolution changed the world, as hundreds of new companies and a stream of new products and services were developed.   What did not change was the peace of mind that Al Betz & Associates, Inc. offers each and every client.  USA vs. AT&T established our technological leadership in the court reporting profession and cemented our reputation as a trusted high-profile litigation resource.