Client Relations Tools:

Outfluence, LLC.

Everything you do sends a message; your words, your body language, your look. And people are paying attention. The philosophy behind Outfluence, the premiere concept designed by Al Betz, is silent communication, which often speaks more effectively for us than any other form of communication.

This is the philosophy that drives our team in the field. We are constantly aware of our clients' needs, the industry's demands, and how we affect the environment around us. As Al says, "No matter what product you are selling, you are ultimately selling yourself."


Emotional Intelligence (EI) Training

We understand the need for rapid communication, and recognize the need to have complete, concise and correct information delivered in a sensitive manner. After forty years of dedication to exceeding the expectations of our clients, Al Betzhas created an educational series entitled The Quiet Storm

The series, based on Al’s popular book, Outfluence, The Better Way to Influence, is designed to reveal “the communication genius” within each member of your team.  Delivered in manageable 30-minute lunch ‘n’ learns or breakfast breakouts, The Quiet Stormwill help:

  • Develop an engaging communication approach that is consistent throughout your firm;
  • Improve awareness of your silent communicators and their impact on your clients and your firm;
  • Turn clients into advocates

To book a lunch n' learn or breakfast breakout session for your company, please visit our contact page.

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