Case: Gov. Marvin Mandel

How it all began …

Marvin Mandel was the first sitting governor of Maryland to be indicted.  He and his co-defendants were tried and convicted for mail fraud and racketeering (Mandel was pardoned after serving 19 months in prison and his conviction was later overturned).  The parties involved in this historic case requested twice a day transcript delivery.  We had two court reporters rotating duties; 30 minutes in court, then 30 minutes transcribing.  Our staff of typists and production personnel helped us prepare the transcripts and meet the deadlines.  This case also marked our first experience interacting with the media.


What does this story mean to you and your firm?

Al Betz & Associates, Inc. offers flexibility and will tailor our services to each client’s individual needs.  The Mandel case established our expertise in the reporting of major trial work.  This case advanced our professional maturity and demonstrated our effectiveness in the public spotlight.