“Prompt, personal, and quality service each and every time.”
“Miles ahead of their peers. Willing to meet any and all demands.”
“Professional, consistent staff, does top of the line work.”


Al Betz & Associates, Inc. is family owned, and family operated. We take pride in both our international coverage, and our small town quality. Learn more about how our company operates here.

Al Betz speaks before the NCRA about what it means to be a power court reporter.


Meet our founder

Al Betz began his career in court reporting in 1968 at the age of 19. He loves his line of work, and remains active in the field to this day. Learn more about him here.


MaPU#3 Event

Al Betz Reporting sponsored the luncheon portion of the 2017 MAPU#3 Event on April 4! We also were given the opportunity to address the attendees.  MAP is always welcoming - we enjoy being in their company. 

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