Al and Kay on Communication
and Performance

Simple communication - straightforward and to the point.
That's what we have been teaching to middle school, high school, young professionals and to anyone else who wants
to improve their communication and performance abilities.
Here's an introduction to what we do. Watch full video

Kay in 60 Seconds on Messaging

Kay Betz, MBA, is a recognized expert on Constant Messaging. She has spoken on the topic to national business organizations. Watch full video

Intro to AB&A

Kathy Gast, firm Administrator, and Kay Betz highlight our service philosophy. Watch full video

Realtime via Ipad

As a pioneer in the development and use of Computer-Assisted Transcription in the early 1970s, it is exciting for me and my company to continue to be relevant in the high-level use of the technology. Realtime over iPad with simultaneous updating and other bells and whistles is today's standard. You will learn about it in our video vine. Watch full video

Realtime Discipline

Al is a world class Realtime court reporter. In this video he shares with litigators a few critical disciplines that will enhance their Realtime experience. But first, a little entertainment ...
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Excellence in Court Reporting

At AB&A we have a very simple mission:

To acquire high quality work and to service it exceptionally well.

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        A radio interviewer asked a guest, “When you’re talking to young people who are finishing up law school or graduate school or undergraduate, what are the things they are telling you that they are most nervous about?” “They’re most worried about being able to pursue their passion in such an unstable world,” responded […]


We are excited to participate again as an exhibitor at the Anne Arundel County Career Expo.

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It is an opportunity for us to introduce students to prospective career paths in the expanding court reporting profession and to share with the students and their parents our soft skills programs for high school students.  Here is a link to last year’s video featuring an interview with Al.






Depositions in the Cloud – Looking Glass Depo

Looking Glass Depo

The convergence of audio, video, web and streaming technologies

Law firms choose for their remote deposition needs – audio, video, web or transcript streaming technologies. Learn more about Looking Glass Depo at

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Al’s Books


Al’s e-books on communication, performance and other topics are available complimentary to his court reporting clients and friends.

Send an e-mail request to Al at identifying the book or books you desire and we will send them directly to you.

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