Case: Allison v. ExxonMobil Corp.

How it all began …

The neighborhood began noticing something in the water...  Soon it was discovered that an excess of 26,000 gallons of gasoline leaked undetected from underground containers stored at a gas station in Baltimore County, Maryland. Hundreds of families were impacted. Local counsel advocated for our company to handle litigation support, and national counsel selected our firm to manage the court reporting, videography, exhibit production and electronic synchronization. Nearly 300 plaintiffs subsequently sued for over $1 billion for the contamination of their wells, loss of property value, physical and mental harm. In March, 2009, a jury awarded the nearly the plaintiffs $150 million award.


What does this story mean to you and your firm?

When you represent parties in national litigation, you can feel comfortable selecting an independent local court reporting firm such as ours to manage all aspects of the preservation of the record. Our resources are worldwide. But your confidence is always located right here in the offices of Al Betz & Associates, Inc.