Case: Cellular Pone Alleged Mass Tort

How it all began …

In preparation for a Daubert* hearing concerning the effect of electromagnetic radiation on humans and the connection with brain cancer, depositions were noticed for an array of expert witnesses traveling to the United States from foreign countries.  The time of each proceeding was carefully monitored as limits were placed on the depositions, following the seven-hour rule.  The subject matter was highly technical and the witnesses were challenging to understand due to their foreign accents.
We spent many hours studying the subject matter, gathering information, and preparing computerized job dictionaries in order to quickly prepare high quality transcripts for the parties involved.  As a result of our outstanding performance during the depositions, Al Betz & Associates, Inc. was asked to provide the same services during the hearing with the permission of the Court.  An accurate record of proceedings substantially aided this precedent-setting litigation.
*A Daubert hearing is, in effect, a mini-trial within a trial over the validity and admissibility of expert opinion testimony.

What does this story mean to you and your firm?

Al Betz & Associates, Inc. demonstrated that we are diligent and well prepared for our clients’ work. We take steps to solve problems before they occur and perform flawlessly under demanding circumstances.  All of this translates into peace of mind for our clients.